Meet Jeroen – currently completing a 3 month internship from the Netherlands


Meet Jeroen! As you may or may not be aware, Jeroen is currently completing a 3 month internship with YPAG.

Please make yourself known to Jeroen if you see him, especially at the field days.

Below is a snippet about himself.

Hello, I am Jeroen Wolters. 23 Years old and come from Mensingeweer, in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I follow the study Agrotechnics and Management. On the weekends and holidays I work for LMD Pellikaan in Den Andel. That is a workshop specialised in boom-sprayers and also a dealer from Agrifac. Beside that I am a team member from student tractorpulling team Rattle and Hum, nice thing to do beside study.

I’m currently doing an Internship with YP Ag for three months. In this three months I support Brad (the man with the big beard from Yorketown) with several maintenance and repairing jobs. Beside that I do some preparing (like mapping) for the new Agrifac Endurance demo machine. This machine is executed with two new nozzle systems called StrictSprayPlus and DynamicDosePlus. So the machine can spray per nozzle the right amount on the right spot.

I hope to see you soon!

Jeroen Wolters