Agrifac Boomsprays


The world needs more and more food

We need land to grow food, healthy soils to nourish crops and livestock, clean water on farms and farmers to make it all happen. Every farmer and contractor has its own daily challenge to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest cost. On a more global level, we know there is sufficient capacity to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately, despite the fact that the world population is predicted to increase to 9 billion by 2050. Increased food productivity is needed while at the same time lowering our footprint.
That’s exactly the business that Agrifac is in! We want to contribute to the higher food need in a sustainable, simple and brilliant way.

YP AG are the only dealers in SA for the Agrifac Self Propelled Boom sprays.
We offer Sales, Service and Spare Parts out of the Yorketown Branch.

Currently there are 7 running in South Australia and are gaining popularity and are loaded with features to make your spraying program care free and simple.
Features include;

  • Up to 8000 LT tank
  •  Stabilo Plus Chassis offering us near 50/50 weight distribution.
  • J-Boom out to 55 meter and brilliant boom stability. Standard 3 meter sections with options for 1.5m and individual nozzle control.
  • High Tech Air Nozzle System Guaranteed to get it to the ground!!
  • Ecotronic Plus Spraying System Simple To Operate.
  • Green Flow Plus Spray Liquid System - Simple pump, valve and filter design minimizing the amount of spray liquid left in the lines and tank when finished. Standard re-circulation system making decontamination a breeze all from the cabin.

Please get in touch for your on property demonstration because you truly need to see this machine to appreciate the simplicity!!

Please contact Brad - 0418181054 for all enquiries

Take a look at the Agrifac website here to view the current range of machines currently available.