Research and Development

Our agronomists are passionate about providing the latest research and development to our clients. We partner with leading ag-chem suppliers in the industry. Our team of agronomists are actively involved in trial work so we can deliver new information and the best results.

YP AG 2003
After investigating opportunities to undertake our own research and development program in 2005, YP AG launched its own Research and Development program early in 2006. The first site we had was at Paskeville.
Initially, we contracted out all of our program to Peracto(Ag Xtra) who planted, managed, harvested all of our trial program.

Research Technician
In 2011 we employed our first Research Technician, Daniel Hillebrand. Daniel moved from this position to Agronomy at the end of 2015 and was replaced by David McLean. David spent 2 years in this with us before Jonno Mudge took over for 2017 and 2018. Jonno has now moved into Agronomy and Alex Burbury started as the new Research Technician in February 2019.
Many of our new agronomy staff members spend time assisting with the management of our research projects. We believe that this provides a good grounding for them to understand and learn about products and local farming practices.

We continuously look to develop and research innovative concepts and products to display their effectiveness to both our agronomy team and our customers. Many of the positive results from YP AG’s research and development have been adopted into farming programs and are currently practiced by Yorke Penisula growers.

YP AG has invested heavily in modern equipment to undertake a comprehensive R&D program across the Yorke Peninsula. We are very proud of the fact that we have built up our resources to a point that we are completely self sufficient in conducting our own research. Additionally, we undertake contract trials for supplier companies on Yorke Peninsula and, in some cases, other parts of South Australia.
We have completed over 200 projects in our own internal R&D and contract program over nearly 15 years. The results of many of these projects have had a major impact on increasing production for YP AG customers.

During the season we have one major Grower Technology Day. This day, usually in late August or early September is the opportunity to invite our growers and supplier partners along to share what projects we are researching. These are very well supported and we often exceed 100 attendees. Interstate farm study tour groups also often incorporate the YP AG Farmer Technology Day into their itinerary.

NR AG Jamestown
As part of our 2019 program for the first time we will be undertaking trials to support our NR AG Jamestown business. Steph Lunn has taken the lead in co-ordinating some projects to hold in the NR AG district, and we look forward to a successful client day later in the year.

Our suppliers
Throughout our history we have been well supported by many of our supplier companies;
Nufarm, Syngenta, Conquest, BASF, Adama, IPL, Weng Fu, Corteva, Sipcam, Bayer, FMC, Sumitomo, UPL, Vic Chem, Intergrain, AGT, Advanta, Gentech, PB Seeds, Pasture Genetics.
Also, industry bodies have often helped out at our Grower Technology days as key note speakers. In the past we have hosted, amongst others, Rob Wheeler, Marg Evans, Hugh Wallwork, Larn McMurray and Jenny Davidson.

2019 Trial Program
This year we are excited to be conducting field trials with various grower groups, with other research bodies and within the YP community.  We hope to gain a better understanding of differences between sowing depth vs speed vs Group C herbicides, time of sowing comparisons, abiotic stress measures in lentils, we’ll be doing a herbicide matrix, disease management trials, a knockdown experiment, frost vs non-frost prone area yield differences, early predictors’ for cereal disease and cereal disease management, nutrition trials and yield trials across cultivars to name a few!!

For more information about our regular field walks and trial days or research contact your local branch.