Hardi Boomsprays


Are you thinking of purchasing a new boomspray or updating your existing unit?

YP Ag at Yorketown have been dealers of HARDI Boomsprays and parts for 35 years. Brad Twartz our in-store expert, with an extensive knowledge of all HARDI components and lots of training under his belt.

The service options we provide include:

  • fixed priced pre-season servicing
  • per hour break down maintenance service.

We handle the full range of Hand Held, Amenity and Trailer Sprays.

Contact Brad direct on 0418 181 054 or via email.

Why choose HARDI?

HARDI Australia is often the envy of other manufacturers when it comes to design, development and testing of spraying equipment. They have 15,000 square metres of modern development, manufacturing and distribution facilities situated on a 10ha location, only 10 km from the Adelaide CBD.

The Australian product development centre works closely with 5 other global HARDI development centres to bring together the best spraying technologies for Australian farmers.

With the largest design and development engineering team working on spraying equipment HARDI is able to offer sprayers which are ideally suited for Australian spraying conditions.The HARDI dealer network of more than 300 locations Australia-wide ensures they provide quality sales, service and parts support to their customers and the know how for accurate chemical application.

Regional distribution centre in Brisbane is placed to support the dealer network and farmers who cannot be reached overnight from Adelaide.

The HARDI Academy was founded in 2005 to impart the wealth of technical knowledge gathered through years of local and international spraying experience. The Academy offers a wide range of courses, from 1st level technician to high specialist level, and its strategic focus is the education of their customers and dealers.

View the full range on the HARDI Australia website.