A.I.M. Check-free Weaning ~ Don’t waste your energy!


A.I.M. Check-free Weaning ~ Don’t waste your energy!

How A.I.M. check- free weaning will save you time, labour and huge amounts of supplementary feed…right now! Feed’s tight and hand feeding really is the only way to keep ewes and lambs going. Or is it? Supplying energy as hay or grain to Ewes in tough conditions can pretty quickly become a pain in the wallet! Not only that, but if you’re feeding just to maintain their nick there’s no guarantee that they’ll be in the condition required to deliver a bumper lamb crop next season. Energy is an expensive commodity. That’s why it makes sense not to waste it. So, when it comes to supplementing milking ewes, saving energy (and money) it means finding smart ways reduce their feed requirement, fast. Drying ewes off by weaning lambs will do that. In fact, weaning can deliver a massive 40 % feed saving overnight! Also, if those lambs are weaned correctly, without a check, they’ll maintain their health and growth right through weaning and beyond. Interestingly, many people who use A.I.M check free weaning to solve a feed problem in tight times, actually adopt it as an ongoing strategy simply because of the consistently positive effect it has on lamb performance. The great thing is, that apart from taking all the headaches out of weaning, A.I.M. check-free systems will also save you time, labour and huge amounts of supplementary feed. That, not only gives your bank balance a chance to recover, but equally importantly, allows more time for your ewes build up properly again before the next joining. Capturing those benefits is all about setting lambs up so they come through the stress, handling and feed changes without a hitch. That means eliminating those annoying problems like scours, snotty noses and pinkeye that can cause a tail in the mob. It also means keeping lambs extremely calm and quiet, right from day one. The best weaning systems should not only deliver all of that but should do so in way that’s simple, easy and above all practical. So practical in fact, that regardless of where and how you farm you’ll always be able to depend on the results. A.I.M. check- free weaning systems are designed to deliver all of that – And they do, time after time on farms all over Australia. That’s because they use some of the most advanced nutrition technologies available, not just to nurture lambs through first critical 48 hours after weaning, but also to help accelerate their growth and development in the weeks and months that follow. So if you’re keen to save money, time and effort feeding ewes then now really is the time to implement an A.I.M. check free weaning system. It’s the simply the best way to stop wasting energy! It’s also the best way to produce the healthiest weaners, every time. Just ask Josh Walter of Murnong Farms, Inverleigh, Vic… “ The A.I.M. check-free weaning has made a huge difference to our lamb growth rates… We don’t see setbacks , just continual weight gain…Weaning this way means we can now run 30 % more stock than we used to”

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ADVANCED WEANING MANAGEMENT Freshly weaned animals exposed to diets that are low in nutrients critical to proper growth and health are at risk of poor weight gain, reduced immune response and retarded physiological development. Designed by Australian experts for Australian conditions, Weanermax Catalyst Lick is a comprehensively formulated blend of Macro & Micro minerals, Vitamins and Carbohydrates specifically engineered to help optimise the supply of those key nutrients to young ruminants in that critical immediate-postweaning period. Also contains advanced Moisture Resistance Technologies  For more information on Weanermax product range click here

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