Animals Innovations workshop at Curramulka.

An excellent start to the first birthday celebrations at Curramulka with a good turn out for our recent Animal Innovations workshop.
Special thanks to Mark Dearing from Animal Innovations for making the trip down to equip us with the tools to ensure that we get the most out of our livestock. Below we have left you with some take-home notes that you might find useful.
For more information please go to the Animal Innovations Website at  or give your closest YP AG branch a call.
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  1. Lambing

AIM Progenx Lead Up Powder lick is the most advanced and effective pre-lambing supplement available. It is only used for a short period, but works by maximising calcium mobilisation from the ewe’s bones, which creates faster, safer births and increases ewe survival, lamb survival and lamb growth rates through greater colostrum and milk production (Product Tech sheet attached).

  1. Lambs on Green Feed

Conditions and diseases discussed as evident or highly likely on any lush, green feed include:

Pulpy Kidney – this is avoided with a sound vaccination program – 3in1 with B12

Scouring, weight loss & ill thrift

Lameness – foot scald and abscess

Grass Tetany (Hypomag) – lack of magnesium



Wool breaks

These conditions are all result directly from an imbalance of critical nutrients in green feed. These nutrients include a broad range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that must be present in the diet in proper balance. The MOST limiting factor however, is the presence (or lack of) starch in the green feed. Starch increases microbial activity in the rumen and thus good fermentation means better utilisation of the excess nitrogen in the incoming feed. This will enable the animal to utilise a greater percentage of the feed to produce energy and protein, and not allow the animal to let excess nitrogen become harmful bi-product (i.e. excess ammonia and nitrates/nitrites) that contribute to ALL of the conditions and diseases listed above.

AIM Grazemax Ultra Powder Lick provides the starch and the range of critical vits/mins to correct this imbalance and avoid or reduce incidence of problems. Use as directed in tubs/troughs on its own and remove all other supplements.

  1. Weaning

The key behind avoiding set backs in weaners (weight loss, death, sub-clinical diseases) is to minimise stress at weaning and adapt lambs safely to rich, green feed, or alternatively, supply the right nutrition on dry feed, depending on the season. Full yard wean protocols can maximise this, but at the very least an easy 2 step (48 to 72 hour) process can eliminate a lot of stress to achieve better results.

AIM Generade Liquid or Pellet used on/with hay at weaning can significantly reduce stress from the start, increase appetite, and maintain vital immune system to avoid disease and maximise the benefits of vaccines – or a pellet version is best for yard weaning programs when grain is being used.

AIM Weanermax Sheep pellet introduced also at this time with a little of the right grain replaces crucial vits/mins missing from mother’s milk, and is continued for 14 to 21 days depending on the age/weight of the lambs. It is vital in creating permanent rumen development for replacement breeders to be more healthy and efficient for life.

Combining these two products with the required animal health treatments can create weight gain from the start of weaning rather than weight loss. This has a huge effect on lambs finishing safer and quicker on rich feeds. Pellet/Grain programs are optimum, but simpler short term options are available also using loose lick version of the weaning product.

  1. Joining

Grazemax Ultra lick is also an excellent choice to feed to ewes a few weeks pre-joining (and into joining) to increase ovulation rates. It is also excellent for rams for sperm quality and quantity – but remember rams produce sperm for use up to 8 weeks ahead, so start it on the boys early!

YP Agriservices have a good range of these products in stock. Contact our friendly staff today and we will endeavour to help you out.