Agrifac Update | Troy Johnson

Agrifac Spraying Systems going to the next level! Recently Bradley Twartz and myself attended the Agrifac factory in Holland to witness the development of two exciting new spraying systems that will be available on their sprayers in the near future. The systems referred to as StrictSpray Plus (SSP) and DynamicDose Plus (DDP) are in the final stages of development and will offer precise spraying of paddocks. These systems will have the ability to target individual weeds with a precise dose of product based on task maps created from remote sensing and other precision ag data sets. Liquid fertilizer will also be able to be applied in the same manner allowing products like Easy N to be applied at multiple rates over a paddock based on its nitrogen requirements. The nozzles will be controlled individually by a laptop with the flow rate varied according to dose requirements electronically. This system will also be able to allow for turn compensation and boom yaw. YPAG will be taking delivery of a machine fitted with this technology in July and will be involved in the final assessment and implementation of these new systems. We are looking forward to demonstrating this technology in the near future especially at our upcoming trial days and the Yorke Peninsula Field days!

Below are some photo’s taken inside the Agrifac factory & Holland.

For more information please contact Brad on 0418 181 054 or Troy on 0428 466 673.

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