Protect your livestock from Pulpy Kidney

If you are a mixed-farming operation and have now finished harvest, or are close to finishing, we are taking this opportunity to remind you about the importance of vaccination boosters in livestock, especially to protect against Pulpy Kidney (Enterotoxaemia).

Ideally, if lambs will go out to graze stubble and they have not already had their initial 2-shot Glanvac vaccination program (2 doses, 4-6 weeks apart), lambs should be given a booster vaccination at least 14 days prior to that change in feed.

If older stock will be put out to graze stubble and it has been more than 3 months since their last vaccination booster, it is well-worth the “insurance” of a booster vaccination to prevent the risk of losses due to Pulpy Kidney.

Supplementation with Vitamin B12 (by using Glanvac B12) at this time of year also will help to maximise the productivity of stock at the same time. Vitamin B12 is essential for sheep growth and health. It is required for the production of glucose and energy, which is necessary for growing lambs, pregnant and lactating ewes and helps to maximise meat and wool yield. Many sheep may not be getting enough cobalt naturally in their diet to allow them to synthesise adequate quantities of vitamin B12, so hence the benefit in supplementing with B12 as part of a vaccination program.
Pulpy Kidney (enterotoxaemia) is a disease that can cause sudden death in sheep and goats. It often affects animals in good body condition and can be difficult to diagnose. Vaccination is an important tool in the prevention of deaths due to Pulpy Kidney disease.
You can view the technical information here. The TIU explains some key points on Pulpy Kidney disease, and vaccination to ensure protection:

What is Pulpy Kidney disease?
What causes the disease?
What are the risk factors?
Managing the risk

Also attached is a copy of a DL flyer – Vaccinating Sheep Grazing Stubble

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source: Zoetis, Kath McClelland